• Interior, seating area, tables and bar stools by the wall
  • Interior, seating area, wooden benches

Daiboku Ramen

Our Chef

Kris Hammond, a first-generation Korean-Japanese-Italian American with experience in Michelin-starred kitchens, serves as Daiboku's CKO (Chief Kitchen Officer). With over a decade of culinary expertise, Kris is renowned for crafting sought-after Ramen in Austin. The vision of Daiboku originates from Kris, who skillfully curates the menu and leads the kitchen.

Who We Are

Austin Japanese restaurant Sazan Ramen is opening its new restaurant in the West Campus neighborhood this week. Daiboku will open at 609 West 29th Street.

Then there's the casual counter-service menu, which will focus on shoyu and miso-style ramens and other Japanese dishes. This includes smoked chicken shoyu ramen and spicy miso ramen with pork shoulder chashu and a habanero-lime slaw. There's also a bar stocked with Japanese whiskey, sakes, beer, and wine. The physical space includes that ramen bar plus family-style tables.

Behind both Sazan and Daikboku are Darrel Oribello (managing partner and chief operating officer), Taiki Wakayma (chief executive officer, who operates a bunch of East Coast Japanese restaurants such as Donburiya, Sushi Tsushima, and Soba Noodle Azuma), and Kris Hammond (chief kitchen officer aka chef). Wakayama and Oribello opened Sazan in the summer of 2020 with then-chef Shun Shiroma, who is now its culinary consultant.

West Campus Meet Sazan Ramen

Sazan has fast become a beloved ramen spot by locals to Airport Blvd. They specialize in the paitan variety, which comes in a rich cloudy broth, available in original, spicy, or vegan. For more traditional ramen, the Ma-Yu Black Ramen is an excellent choice, made with a savory broth and topped with a rainbow of vegetables. As for accompaniments, try the Indomitable Chicken Wings, twice-cooked and seasoned with their house spice rub, and for dessert, there's Mochidoki Mochi (mochi ice cream) in a variety of flavors such as Matcha and Ube (purple yam).

Omakase Reservation Only

Reservations are only for the omakase which are special dates. Walk-Ins for our standard service Welcome all day! student discounts Ramen